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  1. Writing a college application essay is not easy, these are some useful hints and ... Sample essays are basically gives you the easiest way out and many much knowledge about how to write the essay it self. You can write a simple essay but as you see sample essay so this is something really different if you compare to normal essay it is really different. There are some useful hints for sample essays. Those hints are the main key points and it is very useful for the further essay because when you are writing college essay it is really different as you see the easiest essay that is quite different. Essays are usually you are explaining and elaborating the whole part. There are some types of essays Number 1: Narrative Essays, when you describe the whole story in proper details this is call narative essay it comes in this. 2 : Descriptive Essays it is like painting an image. You fulfill the whole image.
  2. This phone is good to use. It has various options and a lot of things to get the access. Main thing the screen size of this is good it is with 6.3 inch full HD. With good ram and storage with long time battery . I have gifted this phone to my sister and she has really liked this. I asked her what is most good in this phone my sister told that this phone has nice features better than other phones. As she is crazy for selfies so best thing is this phone has the best camera result which she liked a lot . Features are also very good as you compare to other phones this is the best one to use. I guess you should buy this if you are looking for good camera and plus if you are looking for best features. Camera works really good of this . Some cameras are blur even they says it has a good result but when you talk about Samsung it is one of the best phone i have ever seen. Samsung all phones are best but this is one of the best phones. This is not an old model even just recent one. I would prefer everybody to buy this phone for a good camera and good features.
  3. Samsung Note 9 is the best phone. It has different options to go through it. Little Bit expensive but this phone is best to use. If you are looking for something unique phone then i must suggest you to go for Samsung phone. You will get to see different options in this phone. Different kind of games options you can play in this. Camera result is very best of this phone not just front but back camera as well. This works very best not even hang if you download a lot of files. I would give 5 stars to this phone. It is best version of android up till now. The new powerful phone with multiple options. Samsung is always playing best role in mobile categories.
  4. Both plays vital role but Olive Oil is for dry frizzy hair that will make it softer than how it was frizzy and dry dry. Therefore Coconut Oil is for also little bit same but Coconut Oil gives relaxment as well. It makes hair longer also if you are using the exact one means the original coconut oil not the bottle ones. They are sometimes mixed. Olive Oil is also very useful the time you will use will come to know the exact results of this. It is best for hairs. I do not think there is a huge difference between these two oils but yes Olive Oil and Coconut Oil gives different results just some percents. Otherwise both are good for hairs.
  5. Carrot is really beneficial for health. If you take daily carrot juice it is best for eye sight. Like if your eyesight is weak so i must prefer everyone to take carrot juice at least one time a day. This will improve your eyesight will make it better. You will not even have to go for eye glasses. I can assure you once you start taking this juice you will come to know it advantages. This is really good for health also. Will make you stronger and active specially. But carrot is most important and it gives good benefits for eyesight. If you eyesight is weak then this is the best juice you can take it. It will definitely work out.
  6. There are multiple styles of swimming. This is kind of excercise . I remember when i was in school time i always used to spend my June July holidays in summer camp specially for swimming classes. There was the days which were fixed for this classes. That was the most best time for me because i always used to be in for swimming. Reason is it is really good for daily basis it gives you relaxment and more makes you fit. Not bad to take out time for these classes. It will really enhance your daily life. You will yourself remain fit and relaxed because swimming itself is so good. People swim for fun most of it as it makes you remain active a lot. So thats the reason people swim mostly for fun. Some people swim for excercise. Best one is for excercise.
  7. Coconut Oil is good for hair. If you are having a frizzy hair so you can use this it will really make your hair smooth and soft. It gives your head relax as well. Coconut Oil is most on going product. It is best and beneficial for youngsters specially but this is not like for some of the age group. Coconut Oil is for all age group and it gives the best result like if you put this on every weekend it going to give you its result for sure. It has many benefits once you will use then only you will get to know its useful a lot. There are many other oils as well but this is one of the best to use.
  8. Best Institute for fashion design is (Asian institute of fashion design Karachi) . This is one of the best institute so far. They give proper classes it is therefore a good scope in future. You will have a lot of learning and specially their staff ,teachers they all are really good. Give the best proper time to learn. I would suggest you to go for this institute if you have any plans for fashion designing. Plus this field has a good career in future. My sister has done it from here she is happy with he field.
  9. Cucumber is really good for skin. It makes it more brighter and give you enhance look . Specially it is good for health also. I would suggest everyone to eat this after every meal it makes you healthier and plays a good vital role in your life. It is same like when you drink water after that you make your health proper same way cucumber works. It makes your skin brighter and works very best . It has many benefits.
  10. Aelo Vera is really good for skin specially. And you can use it for hair also like if you want your hairs to be soft so i would recommend this to everyone to use this. It is good for hair softness better than any conditioner and all. You can get the direct gel of this or you can get a vase of aelo vera . I have used this twice and myself have a very great experienced. You can use this in a day time. I would suggest if you are facing any kind of issue with skin as well so this is best to apply on your skin. It will give a good result.
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