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Samsung Galaxy Note9

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The new super powerful Note Galaxy Note9


Do what can't be done.

Galaxy Note has always put powerful technology in the hands of those who demand more. Now, the all new Galaxy Note9 surpasses even these high expectations, focusing on what matters most in today’s always-on, mobile world.



The phone powerful enough to keep up with you.



Introducing a powerful, all day battery that goes the distance on a single charge — keeping pace with your life.





Store more. Delete less. With the power of 128GB or 512GB storage built in — expandable up to 512GB* more — you’ll have room for what matters.


*Up to 512GB additional storage with external microSD card, sold separately.

*External Memory may be used to store media (photos, video, and music files) but not applications.


Optimised for Gaming

Level up your mobile gaming experience. The Galaxy Note9 gives you high performance during game time with a cutting-edge processor that cuts down on lag, a water-carbon cooling system that helps prevent overheating, and an AI-based performance adjuster that ensures your game stays smooth, not sluggish.3




*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

© 2018 Epic Games, Inc. Epic Games, Fortnite, and their logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games in the USA (Reg. U.S. Pat & Tm. Off.) and elsewhere. All rights reserved.




See even more with our largest Infinity Display ever.


*Infinity Display: a near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.



Complementing the screen is a monochrome metal frame available in a vibrant set of colors — with a matching or contrasting S Pen to suit your style.


  • Lavender Purple
  • Midnight Black
  • Ocean Blue


S Pen

All new Bluetooth enabled S Pen. Now with intelligence for ultimate control.


Bluetooth Enabled and Perfect Control

The all new S Pen now boasts powerful Bluetooth technology, letting you press a button to take control of your camera, presentations, and apps without touching your phone.4 While drawing, taking notes, and sending Live messages with the S Pen is as intuitive and natural as pen and paper, thanks to the fine tip and 4096 pressure levels.




Dual Aperture adapts like the human eye for stunning shots, day or night.


*The rear wide-angle lens supports F1.5 and F2.4 modes.


Intelligent Camera

New revolutionary features make it nearly impossible to take a bad shot. The Galaxy Note9 intelligently recognizes what you’re looking at, optimizing color settings like contrast, white balance, exposure, and more.5 And by detecting blinks and blurs, you can reshoot while the moment's right.6, 7, 8





Samsung DeX

Transform your phone into a Desktop-like experience with a single cable.9

Go to Samsung DeX




Stay stylish and powered up with cases and wireless chargers.



*Accessories sold separately. Availability may vary by country or carrier.

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Galaxy Note9

The new super powerful Note


For the achievers out there.


In the always-on, mobile world, you need a phone that keeps up with the way you work — right out of the box. With customisable security and control that transforms how you participate in the Next Mobile Economy. It's the phone made so you can do what can't be done.



Introducing the new super powerful Galaxy Note9.





Powering productivity on the go


Feel empowered with intelligent features and powerful fundamentals on the Galaxy Note9. It's the phone that keeps up with the pace of your business.



So powerful, it's a phone and a PC in one


Make any place a workspace with a single cable*. When connected to a monitor, the Galaxy Note9 provides a PC-like experience so you can do more on an even bigger screen. Use your Galaxy Note9 as a touchpad and write or draw using the S Pen – so you don't need a keyboard and mouse. Plus, multitask by using Samsung DeX on the monitor as well as using apps on the phone screen – so you can do more, like reviewing a presentation and taking notes simultaneously.

*HDMI cable, monitor and accessories sold separately.




The all new, intelligent S Pen



Make the most of your powerful Galaxy Note9 with its equally powerful S Pen. Newly enhanced with Bluetooth capabilities, S Pen functions as a remote control up to 10m too. You can flick between presentation slides, control your camera and quickly launch your most used apps – without touching it. For even more control, you can customise functions too.




128GB storage: Store more, delete less


Internal 128GB | External up to 512GB

Give big ideas the space they need to help grow your business with the huge 512GB built-in memory. Download, capture and create more. And if you need extra space, you can expand it with a microSD card* up to 512GB.





Experience the cutting-edge processor


Business doesn't wait, so neither should you. The high-performing Galaxy Note9 has a 10nm AP and 6GB RAM* providing incredible power and speed so you can work more seamlessly.





Work at the speed of business


The cutting-edge processor is built to thrive off fast internet connections. So you can download huge presentations, upload high-resolution videos and even browse the web more seamlessly than ever before.



Work through the weather

Galaxy Note9 and S Pen feature a water and dust resistant IP68 rating*, so you can go wherever work takes you. Inside, outside, dusty or wet, Galaxy Note9 is built to withstand whatever life throws at it.

*IP68 water resistant up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. Rinse in fresh water afterwards.




The phone powerful enough to keep up with you


Stay connected even after the day's done – Galaxy Note9's features are for both work and play.



See more on the largest Infinity Display ever


Multitask without constraints on the 6.4" Infinity Display. With visual distractions hidden away, the large, immersive screen offers an uninterrupted view, whether you're working or playing, in the office or at home.





A powerful camera, on or off the clock


The intelligent dual lens camera lets you capture stunning, detailed pictures day and night. Dual aperture automatically adjusts to the light, like the human eye. And Scene Optimiser detects what you see to optimise colour settings, while Flaw Detection checks for blinks, blur, smudges and backlighting. Altogether, Galaxy Note9 makes it nearly impossible to take a bad shot.

*The rear wide-angle lens supports F1.5 and F2.4 modes.

*Accuracy of Scene Optimiser may differ depending on shooting conditions including multiple subjects, being out of focus, or moving subjects.

*Accuracy of Flaw Detection may differ depending on surrounding conditions or subject.

*Blink and blur detection works best when there are three or fewer people in the frame, 1.5 meters or closer to the camera.

*Lens smudge and backlighting detection may only alert once in a 24-hour span.



Dual Aperture

The camera adjusts to the light around you just like the human eye so you can get clear photos in almost any light — even super low light.















Our most powerful battery takes you further


The Galaxy Note9 battery is our most powerful yet. With 4000mAh, it keeps up with you. So when duty calls, battery life is the last thing on your mind.





One phone, two numbers


The Galaxy Note9's Hybrid SIM* capability gives your life more balance. Keep both business and personal numbers on one phone, so you can keep your work life and home life separate. Or, put in an international SIM when you're on a business trip abroad.




Powering your business


Galaxy Note9 comes with the defence-grade security of Samsung Knox, safeguarding your data the moment you turn on your device. Biometric authentication adds another layer of protection. Meaning your mobile workforce stays secure, even out of office.


Defense-grade security from the chip up


Protect your business data with a high-power security platform: Samsung Knox. It's fused into both hardware and software, providing multiple layers of defence, straight out of the box. And real-time monitoring helps to ensure protection and prevent breaches in the office or on a business trip.




Keep work safe, keep life separate


Feel comfortable bringing your own device to the office. The Secure Folder holds your sensitive data in a protected area, dividing your work from your home life.




Manage multiple devices with ease


Managing and keeping track of an office full of devices is more convenient with the cloud-based EMM, Knox Manage. A low-cost licence fee and simple deployment process allows you to remotely control and secure devices via MDM strategies. Knox Manage also suits corporate-liable and BYOD policies, letting you ensure security for all types of deployment models.



Connections that expand your world


Link up to a world of innovation with your Galaxy Note9 and the Samsung Ecosystem. Connecting to a range of devices like wearables, tablets and more, Galaxy Note9 unlocks powerful technology that transforms not just how you work, but also how you live. Go further, faster with the Samsung Ecosystem.


Discover the Next Mobile Economy.


Explore the new super powerful Galaxy Note9.

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Galaxy Note9: How to enable in-game calls and messages

Get the best of work and play. Learn how to enable in-game calls and messages on the new super powerful Galaxy Note9.


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Galaxy Note9: How to start Samsung DeX with Galaxy Note9

Get a PC-like experience with a single cable. Learn how to start Samsung DeX on the new super powerful Galaxy Note9.


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Samsung Note 9 is the best phone. It has different options to go through it. Little Bit expensive but this phone is best to use.  If you are looking for something unique phone then i must suggest you to go for Samsung phone. You will get to see different options in this phone. Different kind of games options you can play in this. Camera result  is very best of this phone not just front but back camera as well.  This works very best not even hang if you download a lot of files. I would give 5 stars to this phone.  It is best version of android up till now. The new powerful phone with multiple options. Samsung is always playing best role in mobile categories.

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