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Olive oil vs coconut oil for hair?

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Benefits of olive oil for hair

Olive oil is beneficial for thick and dry hair. It is believed that it can keep the hair moist and strong. It can help to smooth the burned and the broken ends of your hair also known as split ends of hair. It can also assist to remove lices from one's hair. Furthermore , It can reduce the flake from one's hair , simply by massaging the olive oil to your scalp and combing out dandruff flakes.

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Both plays vital role but Olive Oil is for dry frizzy hair that will make it softer than how it was frizzy and dry dry. Therefore Coconut Oil is for also little bit same but Coconut Oil gives relaxment as well. It makes hair longer also if you are using the exact one means the original coconut oil not the bottle ones. They are sometimes mixed. Olive Oil is also very useful the time you will use will come to know the exact results of this. It is best for hairs. I do not think there is a huge difference between these two oils but yes Olive Oil and Coconut Oil gives different results just some percents. Otherwise both are good for hairs. 

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