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How Important Were The Religious Reforms Of Shah Waliullah?

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Shah wali ullah believed that Muslims were facing downfall because Muslims were not following the teachings of Holy Quran. The major problem was that Muslims were divided into to different sects i.e shia and sunni , and they were fighting among themselves, which was marking the downfall of muslims.


Shah wali ullah worked hard to become the inspiration for every muslim. Translating Quran into Persian was one of his fine works , which was done because many Muslims were not familiar with Arabic language .Later , Quran was translated into urdu by his sons, Shah Abdul Qader and Shah rafi, so that more and more people could take the advantage of Islamic teachings. Amongst the most famous were Hujjatullah-ul-Baligha and Izalat-Akhfa. By both Shias and Sunnis , his account on the first four caliphs of islam were acceptable. He also highlighted the need for social cohesion. One of his most important contributions to muslim community was uniting them for jihad against marathas. He wrote a letter to Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali and joined local forces with local Muslim leaders and defeated the Marathas in the Battle of Panipat in 1761


Shah Wali Ullah was one of the first philosophers to state that the downfall of Mughal Empire and the weak position of the Muslims were due to a negligence of the principles of Islam. The Madrassa continued to play a important role in teaching Islamic principles and researching Islamic thought. His writing gave large number of Muslims a chance to study their religion and understand its teachings. He gave Muslims inspiration to lead a pure simple Life. He tried to oppose Maratha and unite the Muslim under a common enemy. Many future leaders were inspired by his teachings. And fight for the good of Muslim community.

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