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The major oil strike in the middle east was in Persia/Iran and it is one of the worlds richest oil fields. It was found in 1908.world war I made these Persian oilfields profitable because British navy switched from coal to oil. The British government kept an eye on Persia to make sure British oil companies played leading part in developing these oil fields.

The world demand for oil steadily grew after world war I. Then oil was found in Iraq ,near Mosul,in 1927. Britian by then controlled Iraq and again ensured that British company played gained the biggest share of the development of Iraqi oil. However ,the largest of Middle east oil fields and in the world were those of Saudi Arabia. They were discovered in 1938 and USA got ahead of Britian. world war II,made even clearer than before how important oil was to modern world. After 1945,however,the worlds major industrial power,with the heavy use of motor vehicles,became more and more dependent on Middle Easts oil.

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